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Laja Alta

In the middle of Los Alcornocales stands defiant, on the top of a steep cliff, the cave of Laja Alta. Inside we will find a complete catalog of fishing techniques and ships from natives that have been drawn in the 7th century a. C. We are standing before one of the most important collection of paintings of the Iberian Peninsula.

Reference: REF-000006
Price: 25,00€
  • Route Type: Hiking
  • Duration: 4 h
  • Dificulty: medium-high
  • Archaeological sites: Laja Alta Cave
  • Location: Jimena de la Frontera. Cádiz - Jimena de la Frontera.


After a pleasant walk between cork oaks, we lean out our gaze towards the Garganta del Gamero from the shelter given by Laja Alta. The sights are quite impressive, as much as the cave paintings that are hidden within the cavity's interior.

We are standing before one of the most important collection of cave arts of the Iberian Peninsula. Laja Alta was an astronomical observatory and it could be used as an astronomical calendary, since its location is ideal to calculate the passing of the year's seasons.

The paintings that we may see there were made by different artists and in different times, being the ones of the upper area the oldest ( 2nd millennium a. C) . Simplified, human, star and oval shaped symbols compose several scenes, but what gives them an exceptional significance to this site are the fishing scenes that are portrayed on the rocky caves.

We have before us a complete catalog of different fishing techniques and boats from that time, portrayed with undoubted skill and represented with a perspective that seems as if the drawings were taken from the top of a cliff. The author beyond any doubt was quite savvy regarding fishing techniques.

The latest studies done in the site situate these paintings in the 7th century a.C. and the portrayed ships are believed to be of tartessian-turdetan origin. Compared to the present, these fishing tools and techniques have barely changed. It is as if...

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