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The Culture of Death

A beautiful hiking route that will leave you stunned. We shall visit the Necropolis of the Algarbes. After, we shall hike through the Woods of Silence (Bosque del Silencio) and San Bartolo, enjoying some spectacular views of the Strait and Bolonia Bay. And lastly, we shall end our journey at the Betis Necropolis.

Reference: REF-000013
Price: 10,00€
  • Route Type: Hiking
  • Duration: 5 h
  • Dificulty: medium
  • Archaeological sites: Necrópolis de los Algarbes/Necrópolis del Betis
  • Location: Tarifa. Cádiz - Tarifa.


We shall begin our journey with a visit to the Chalcolithic Necropolis of los Algarbes, and according to common knowledge, it was founded more than 4500 years ago.   
On this site we shall delve into the concept of death that was held by these native prehistoric civilizations. Among other subjects, our journey will address the transition from collective to individual funerals, the choice of the site itself, who were buried there, as well as which cultures reused this place for their own mournings.  
The visit to this site takes about an hour.  
Once finished our tour throughout the necropolis, we shall ride our 4x4 vehicles to head towards the small town of the Betijuelo, the place where we shall being our hiking route that won’t leave any bystander indifferent to the landscape.  
After a small climbing of approximately 1,5 km, we shall reach the entrance of the “woods of silence”. This is a privileged area where we shall enjoy some marvelous views of the strait, Bolonia’s bay and the coastline that goes from Valdevaqueros to Tarifa, as well as the inner mountains.  
Then we shall resume our journey, entering these woods of silence, a place sheltered from the strong eastern winds that blow in these lands that we shall travel into, quietly, in order to maintain its peaceful nature. Vultures and alimoches live there. At the end of our path we shall reach the summit of San Bartolo’s Hill (Loma de San Bartolo), also known as the Road of the Giants (Calzada de los Gigantes), with its impressive crevasses and vulture nests, and where we shall surely find several vultures curious about our presence.  
We shall begin our descent following the rocky outlines of San Bartolo, learning about its legends, and having the chance of crossing paths with several rock climbers and mountaineers that use these cliffs to practise.

Ending our descent, we shall reach the Betis Necropolis, where we shall tread into enjoying a guided tour, and we will learn about the anthropomorphic tombs of Gibraltar area, and recent discoveries that clarify the purpose, functionality and timeline of these curious cavities.


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