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Dolmen Complex of the Caheruelas Tarifa

An enjoyable low intensity hiking route, where we will immerse into the world of Megalithism.

Reference: REF-000011
Price: 15,00€
  • Route Type: Archaeological
  • Duration: 2 h
  • Dificulty: Low
  • Archaeological sites: Dolmen complex of the Caherhuelas
  • Location: Tarifa-Cádiz. Cádiz - Tarifa.


Our goal is no other than to reach what was known through Alfonso’s XI book written in the 14th century, the Book of Hunting (Libro de la Montería), as the the alcornocal fermoso – which is Medieval Spanish for ‘beautiful cork grove’.  
In it we shall find seven dolmens, three of them still in a relatively good state of conservation.  
Their timelines, as well as different uses by the different prehistoric communities that are related to these monuments are some of the interesting subjects that we shall address while we visit this beautiful forest. 


This route departs from Tarifa’s Tourism Office and includes transportation by 4x4 towards the site.