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Images of From Laja Alta to Humosa Cave - ArqueoRoutes

From Laja Alta to Humosa Cave

In the middle of Los Alcornocales stands defiant, on the top of a steep cliff, the cave of Laja Alta. Inside we will find a complete catalog of fishing techniques and ships from natives...

Route Type: ArchaeologicalDuration: 7/8 hDificulty: medium-high
Price: 45,00€
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Images of Necropolis Route - ArqueoRoutes

Necropolis Route

We shall sail along with Charon and we shall reach the other shore. A journey through the culture of death awaits us. We shall visit the Dolmen Complex of Caheruelas, the Necropolis of...

Route Type: ArchaeologicalDuration: 4/5 hDificulty: Low
Price: 10,00€
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