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Arqueoroutes crosses the Straits of Gibraltar and opens a new way, a new kind of travelling. Therefore the archaeological Saharan expeditions far away from comercial touristic tours will be organised.

Our object is to visit the rock engravings of the Valley of Tamanart and the rock paintings of the Region of Tan-Tan in Southern Marocco in the middle of the Sahara Desert, where the Amazigh culture lives on.

For five years a Spanish archaeological team of the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) in cooperation with a Moroccan squad under common management of Dr. Marti MAS CORNELLÁ on the Spanish and Dr. Abdelkhalek LEMJIDI on the Moroccan side carries out research in this scientific field – on both the rock engravings from Tamanart and the rock paintings from Tan-Tan. The results will be published in 2017 and will have certainly more than one surprise in store for us. We can say in advance that these prehistoric sites are so far the most important ones in Marocco.

For our part the aim is to arrange the participation in our archaeological expedition to be as easy as possible – a real adventure of more than 3000 km itinery, which takes Algeciras (Spain) as its starting point. After riding through a stretch of the Atlantic coast we enter into the Sahara Desert.

Join our team (perhaps the 4x4 vehicle has to be pushed or dug up with the shovel from time to time)! Our convoy will consist of seven 4x4 vehicles (apart from the driver three passengers will travel in each car), accompanied by experienced medical and mechanical professionals.

We will offer you an all-inclusive trip, so that you can travel with us without a single dirham (Moroccan currency) in your pocket (crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar, clearance and customs duty, board and lodging including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinks).